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Goodplanr Classic digital planner

  • 2020 version with Colour tabs
  • Geometric colourful cover
  • Include both Monday start and Sunday start
  • Start from December 2019 to January 2021
  • Total 14 months, over 500 pages and 20,000 links with smooth navigation system
  • NEW! Flexi weekly option with huge blank space

This is a professionally designed digital planner / diary in PDF format that is optimised to be used on any PDF-annotation app (we recommend GoodNotes with iPad, but it also works smoothly on Notability, Noteshelf 2 and Windows tablet.)

What you will get:
3 PDFs: Cover pdf and 2020 dated PDF planner in both Monday start and Sunday start versions, with over 500 pages and 20,000 links each, including:

  • Smooth navigation system which you could freely navigate between monthly, weekly and daily plans.
  • Yearly calendar for 2020 
  • Yearly plan overview for 2020
  • Monthly plan: 14 dated monthly spread (December 2019 - January 2021)
  • Weekly plan: 60 fully dated weeks (December 2019 - January 2021)
  • Daily plan: 365 fully dated pages (plus 62 bonus pages)
  • Bonus page: Remember page, grid note pages, dot note pages, blank note pages and lined note pages. (you could duplicate these pages as many as you want and place them wherever you like inside the planner without breaking the links and navigation system)
  • You will need to unzip the zip file to get the two planner PDFs and the cover PDF. If you use iPad you will need extra app like FileExplorer (free app) to unzip it.

Works well with the following apps:

We have a huge collection of digital planner covers / stickers too!


Plan A: You could add 6 custom tabs for your planner and we will name them for you so that they will appear on all 500+ pages throughout the planner.

Plan B: If you need more custom sections you could choose the Plan B which will add 16 custom sections to your planner: 6 at the bottom left, 4 at the top left and 6 at the top right (special section to be labelled by emojis 😬 😍 😎 💄 🏀 ✈️)

Please let me know which version (Monday start / Sunday start) you want, names (for Plan A) or the names + emoji (for Plan B) at the note section in your Shopping Cart. It takes 2-7 working days to process your custom digital planner and we will email it to you once its finished.

You can also decide 🤔 later and add the upgrades after you buy the core planner. Add this to your cart when you made up your mind! 😀

Graphic Design - Very simple and minimal

The whole planner is based on a grid system with 1 pixel thin light grey line. It was all created in a professional design software for precise position with the best use of typography. Everything falls into this grid system so you will found the harmony throughout the whole planner.

I have also choose a very subtle color scheme for all graphic elements. You could simply ignore the markings (e.g. time stamp) if you believe its not important.

Small file size and lightweight:

Everything is done on professional desktop publishing software and in vector format* (instead of photoshop pixel format which most of other planners are ) so the file size of the planner* is extremely small - less than 3mb. The planner could be run faster even with lots of digital stickers and on older iPad models.
*except the planner cover
Planner design - full navigation links with 500+ pages
This fully dated planner / diary is taking advantage of the digital planner nature: slim and light weight even its over 500 pages!

Yearly plan:
6 months on each spread with to do list and note space. Each number dates will jump to the daily plan pages.

Monthly plan:
One month on each page note space. You could easily switch to daily pages (by clicking the day number) and weekly pages (by clicking the small grey box week number)

Weekly plan:
One week on each spread with time stamp (or without time stamp), to do list and mini calendar.
Easily goes to daily pages by clicking the daily number.

Daily plan / Diary:
Features time stamp, grid note space, weather log, mini calendar, to do list and meal log.
Easily switch back to weekly pages by clicking the week number.

Navigation and working tabs:
Every page is an index page, i.e., you could navigate to any weekly page, daily page or monthly page within them.

At the right side of every spread you could easily jump to other monthly index page with a single click on the tabs. This is a very efficient navigation system even there is more than 500 pages.

At the top left hand corner you could easily jump to yearly plan overview; at the bottom left corner there are links to blank note pages.

This is an instant download digital product and all sales are final.

File sharing, reselling or claiming the PDF files as your own is not permitted.


To-Do Lists
School Schedule
Work Schedule
Kid’s Schedule
Dates of Family Birthdays
Events / Parties / Vacations
TV Shows
Date Nights
Goals / Bucket List
Memory Keeping
Social Media Posts


      Cleaning Schedule
      Grocery Lists
      Pet Meds / Vet Visits


        Outgoing Money
        Incoming Money
        Rent / Mortgage
        Mobile Phone Bill
        Fun Money
        Business Expenses
        Pay Checks
        Savings Plan


          Workout Plan
          Daily Steps Walked
          Water Intake
          Fitness Goals
          Meal Ideas / Plans / logs
          Doctor Appointments
          Medication / Vitamins
          Sleep Tracker

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