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Goodplanr Xen digital planner

  • Achieve planner peace by using the brain dump method
  • Brain dump zone on both monthly and weekly plan
  • Horizontal yearly plan page - perfect for planning big projects
  • Monday start - Monthly and weekly pages included
  • New! World map page - log / plan your next vacation and trip
  • 4 custom sections and 4 extra note pages
  • Start from January 2020 to December 2020
  • Total 12 months, 77 pages with smooth navigation system

Introducing the Xen digital planner from Goodplanr - a new planner design that helps you achieve planner peace by using the brain dump method.

What's new in the 2020 version:

  • Weekly links are added to the mini calendars of weekly and monthly pages
  • Added 1 more mini calendars to the plan pages, total 3 mini calendars (previous month, current month and the next month)

What is a Brain Dump?

A brain dump is literally getting all of your thoughts and to-do’s out of your brain and onto the planner.
It’s a disorganised list of all of the thoughts racing around your head.

Steps for using brain dump Xen planner:

Step 1 - DUMP
Write out all of the thoughts swirling around your head at the brain dump area (on both monthly and weekly pages)

Break down all the thoughts into to do's / tasks - at a manageable size in the next zone. You can separate them into different categories or priorities.

Step 3 - UTILISE
Put all those tasks / appointments onto your monthly plan / weekly plan and complete them.

A set of 4 extra section is provided. They are blank so you can label them yourself.

Also 4 bonus note pages are provided: Grid, lined, dot grid and blank sketch pages.


To-Do Lists
School Schedule
Work Schedule
Kid’s Schedule
Dates of Family Birthdays
Events / Parties / Vacations
TV Shows
Date Nights
Goals / Bucket List
Memory Keeping
Social Media Posts


      Cleaning Schedule
      Grocery Lists
      Pet Meds / Vet Visits


        Outgoing Money
        Incoming Money
        Rent / Mortgage
        Mobile Phone Bill
        Fun Money
        Business Expenses
        Pay Checks
        Savings Plan


          Workout Plan
          Daily Steps Walked
          Water Intake
          Fitness Goals
          Meal Ideas / Plans / logs
          Doctor Appointments
          Medication / Vitamins
          Sleep Tracker

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