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Goodplanr Veho digital planner

Introducing our new VEHO planner, a truly unique and the world's first digital planner that can be use in 2 directions: vertically and horizontally AT THE SAME TIME!

  • Unique and flexible 3 section planning
  • 2020 version
  • Start from December 2019 to January 2021
  • Total 14 months, 522 pages and 33,923 links coded with smooth navigation system

What you will get:

The world's first digital planner that can be used with 2 orientation mode

  • Smooth navigation system with 33,923 clickable links
  • 1 X cover page
  • 1 X Calendar page (2020)
  • 1 X Yearly plan page (2020)
  • 14 X Monthly plan page (from December 2019 to January 2021)
  • 60 X Weekly plan page (from December 2019 to January 2021)
  • 427 X Daily plan page (from December 2019 to January 2021)
  • 10 X Tab sections
  • 5 X Blank note page

There are a lot of new ideas inside this planner so please read carefully about the features and how to use the planner.


This planner looks best if you use the new iPad  (9.7 / 10.2 version) vertically: the page size is just right, no zooming is required and your handwriting / notes will looks naturally and beautifully. Of course it also works well on bigger iPad (10.5 / 11/ 12.9 inches) which you gain more space for note taking.


There are 14 monthly tabs at the bottom (from December 2019 to January 2021) and 10 extra tabs at the top which links to different section. We have 4 different tabs sets for you to choose from:

  1. Classic,
  2. Student
  3. GTD / Productivity (getting things done)
  4. Blank tabs


The first 5 is for personal and the latter 5 is for work:


The first 5 is for personal and latter is for study

GTD / productivity:

The first 5 is for personal and latter is for GTD system

If you think these tabs does not fit your needs we could customize the 10 tabs for you.

Blank tabs:

You can name the tabs yourself by using the master layer function of Zoomnotes lite (free).

Navigation system:

All the pages are linked together so that you can:

  • On monthly plan, jump to weekly plan and daily plan by clicking on the date number (1,2,3,4,5 etc) or week date (M,T,W,T,F,S,S)
  • On weekly plan, jump to daily plan by clicking on the date number
  • On daily plan, jump back to weekly pages by clicking on the week number ( e.g. WK 1) or the small calendar section

Design and How to use:

The planner is designed to be used in 2 direction (vertically and horizontally) and the writing area is divided into 3 sections. (For best experience please lock the iPad orientation in vertical mode when using this planner)

The main concept is you can record / plan 3 different categories on the same page and visually have a glance of how each category is doing. This is a very efficient planning system and can greatly increase your productivity.

The most simple way to take advantage of this system is to plan your personal life vertically and plan your study / work schedule horizontally (or vice versa). But there are much more possibilities and you can use it creatively and integrate your own system and lifestyle into this planner.

Here are some examples:

On monthly pages:

  1. Use vertically left section for personal stuff
  2. Use horizontally middle section for monthly habit trackers
  3. Use horizontally top section for study schedule


  1. Use vertically left section for personal planning
  2. Use vertically middle section for to do list
  3. Use vertically right section for study planning

Or you can use 2 section for study planning and 1 section for personal schedule.

Or you can duplicate the monthly page and use the extra page to plan your big projects that will last for weeks.
(as shown in picture 5)

  1. Use horizontally top section for project A
  2. Use horizontally middle section for project B
  3. Use horizontally bottom section for project C

Monthly trackers:

We all have many habits to track. With this planner design you can even duplicate the monthly page and use the whole page for trackers. And you can draw a bar chart / line chart with those tracking data! (as shown in picture 4, the hydrate tracker). **The grid system on monthly pages is optimize to record the tracking data more accurately.

The possibilities are endless.

On weekly pages:

(as shown in picture 7)
1. Use horizontally top and middle section for study / work planning (with the time stamp feature)
2. Use vertically left section for personal schedule.

Or you can use

  1. the first section for your own schedule
  2. second section for your classmates / colleagues project schedule
  3. third section for another classmates / colleagues / to do list

Or you can use

  1. the first section for morning planning
  2. second section for afternoon planning
  3. third section for night schedule

Just think about different aspects in your life / study / work and see which areas you want to plan. You will be amazed how useful this system is.

Extra note pages:

There are total 5 different types of note pages:

  1. Grid
  2. Lined
  3. Dot grid
  4. Blank
  5. Radial (for circle shape trackers)

You could duplicate these pages as many as you want and place them wherever you like inside the planner without breaking the links and navigation system.

Blank cover page:

We have included a blank cover page (with minimal interface elements) which provide a big canvas for you to decorate / design your own cover.


Yearly plan page:


The yearly plan page can be used for planning your vacation / business trip / field trip. You can quickly discover which is your busiest months and plan accordingly.


Graphic Design - Very simple and minimal

The whole planner is based on a grid system with 1 pixel thin light grey line. It was all created in a professional design software for precise position with the best use of typography. Everything falls into this grid system so you will found the harmony throughout the whole planner.

We choose a subtle color scheme for this planner and we believe its easy for your eyes and can help you focus and increase productivity.

Small file size and lightweight:

Everything is done on professional desktop publishing software and every element is in vector format (instead of photoshop pixel format which most of other planners are using) so the file size of the planner is extremely small: around 2.8 mB. The planner could be run smoother without lags even with lots of digital stickers and on older iPad models.


This digital planner is optimized to be used on any PDF-annotation app (we recommend GoodNotes with iPad, but it also works smoothly on Notability, Noteshelf 2 etc)

***This is an instant download digital product and all sales are final.***

File sharing, reselling or claiming the PDF files as your own is not permitted.


To-Do Lists
School Schedule
Work Schedule
Kid’s Schedule
Dates of Family Birthdays
Events / Parties / Vacations
TV Shows
Date Nights
Goals / Bucket List
Memory Keeping
Social Media Posts


      Cleaning Schedule
      Grocery Lists
      Pet Meds / Vet Visits


        Outgoing Money
        Incoming Money
        Rent / Mortgage
        Mobile Phone Bill
        Fun Money
        Business Expenses
        Pay Checks
        Savings Plan


          Workout Plan
          Daily Steps Walked
          Water Intake
          Fitness Goals
          Meal Ideas / Plans / logs
          Doctor Appointments
          Medication / Vitamins
          Sleep Tracker

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