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This is a add-on product for our famous 500+ pages fully linked Classic planner.

We will create the custom tabs / sections for your Classic planner which is fully accessible and linked throughout the whole planner. This makes a complete personal planner for your own needs and custom section names. (e.g. Trackers, Task, Finance, Stickers, Notes, etc)

Inside each custom section (gird layout), you could add and duplicate as many pages as you want inside Goodnotes, with the "Use Current Template" function.

Please tell us the names of your sections at the note area after adding to cart.

For new customer please follow the instructions when you purchase the product:

1. Add your favourite digital planner to the cart:


2. Fill in the 6 custom tab names and add this add-on item to your cart
***For best result please limit the names within 8 letters.

Your personalized digital planner with custom sections PDF will be delivered to your e-mail around 2-7 working days.

For old customer we could also add the custom sections to your planner.
Please buy this listing and provide the transaction number for your last purchase (digital planner) at the note section before checkout.


* The new custom planner will not include the cover page.

If you use GoodNotes you can easily copy and paste the cover from the original planner to your custom digital planner. (It’s a good time to practice moving around pages inside GoodNotes too!)

Open the original planner and click the 4 squares icon at the top left hand corner. Click edit and select the cover. Click copy at the bottom to copy the cover page, then click done . Go to your custom digital planner and click the 4 squares icon again. Click the + icon and select where you want the cover to be pasted. Then click paste copied page. Done!

** This is an add-on item and your order will be canceled if you haven't bought our digital planner.


To-Do Lists
School Schedule
Work Schedule
Kid’s Schedule
Dates of Family Birthdays
Events / Parties / Vacations
TV Shows
Date Nights
Goals / Bucket List
Memory Keeping
Social Media Posts


      Cleaning Schedule
      Grocery Lists
      Pet Meds / Vet Visits


        Outgoing Money
        Incoming Money
        Rent / Mortgage
        Mobile Phone Bill
        Fun Money
        Business Expenses
        Pay Checks
        Savings Plan


          Workout Plan
          Daily Steps Walked
          Water Intake
          Fitness Goals
          Meal Ideas / Plans / logs
          Doctor Appointments
          Medication / Vitamins
          Sleep Tracker

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