Classic planner 2020 Classic planner 2020

Classic planner 2020

Landscape dated digital planner.
30,000 links with smooth navigation system.
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Undated DIY digital planner designed
exclusively for Goodnotes.
Edit the planner template directly inside Goodnotes.
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Customer Reviews


Love this digital planner

Love this digital planner. It’s the one I ended up sticking with. I got the download almost immediately and I was able to upload it to goodnotes without problems. I did not figure out how to add the additional tabs they offer but once I contacted them, they responded quickly, sent me the link and I was able to order it. They had the new digital planner with my 6 personalized tabs to me within a few hours. Very pleased!

Linked up like crazy.

Linked up like crazy. Has the holidays on the monthly. Didn't notice this version didn't have any extra tabs for note sections. If you really need those there is a version with a whole bunch of customizable tabs or you can get the extra tabs separate.
Christy E

Such thoughtful pieces of work

Such thoughtful pieces of work, no matter which version you get. Simple yet meticulously made. You can tell the amount of work put into these planners. Purchased the Evo Pro first then this thinking I was unable to deal with all the customizations. But Agathecase was nice enough to answer any inquiries I had and very much helpful. Thanks again!
Gheezy Ops

You’ve done it again!’ve done it again! I received my custom tabs today & can’t wait to get set up. One thing I’d really like to highlight for newbies...when ordering a custom tabbed planner, you still receive the classic version instantly. The great thing about GoodNotes is you can begin your set up while awaiting in your custom version. Upon receipt, all you have to do is lasso & copy everything over. If you are still pondering which planner to get for ALL of your planning needs...this is the planner for you. What are you waiting for? Click on the buy now link and join our FB community. 😊

Used for 2 years

I had a few problems at first, but I am happy to be able to write a diary in 2019 with the seller's complete feedback. Used for 2 years
μ§€ν˜œ 유

My new favorite planner!

My new favorite planner!!!! I hope to continue using this planner for years to come!!! Thank you!


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