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Goodplanr digital planner for iOS and Android.

Classic Planner 2022

Goodplanr Classic digital planner 2022. Start from December 2021 to January 2023. Total 14 months, over 600 pages and 60,000 links with smooth navigation...
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Classic planner Digital planner Home page

Veho planner 2022

Goodplanr Veho digital planner Introducing our new VEHO planner, a truly unique and the world's first digital planner that can be use in 2...
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Duet planner 2022

Introducing the new Duet planner from Goodplanr: a new digital planner system that utilise the split screen mode to boost your productivity. Portrait planner...
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Digital planner Duet planner

Xen planner 2022

Goodplanr Xen digital planner Achieve planner peace by using the brain dump method Brain dump zone on both monthly and weekly plan Horizontal yearly plan...
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Digital planner Xen planner

Eve Pro 2.0 undated / D.I.Y. digital planner

Goodplanr Eve Pro 2.0 planner Updated with 473 linked calendar pages (monthly, weekly and dailies) New navigation system: added weekly tabs Added Busy mode:...
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