About us

Hello, this is Grover from Goodplanr.com. I'm from Hong Kong and was an art director working in magazine and advertising field for the last 20 years.

Reason I made this digital planner and Goodplanr.com:

Back in 2017 I bought my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 12.9" and loving it. But I can't find a good planner template to be used on the GoodNotes note taking app and so I designed my own and that is how this planner was started. I have researched a lot of different paper planners (including both Japanese style and western style) and found that the Japanese ones are most practical, carefully designed and can be adopted to a lot of different usage scenarios. I decided that my planner will adopt the Japanese planner grid system with the functionality of the western planner.

After 2-3 months of researching, testing and debugging, the first planner was born! It was a fully dated planner with monthly, weekly and daily plans with a lovely cream background. The pages are fully linked and I can jump to any pages with 1-2 clicks. I'm so excited about it and start sketching / planning / doodling on the pages and it was a great fun.

I have put them on the a handmade marketplace and received lots of shinning feedbacks. I listen to my customers' feedbacks, made a lot of changes and created a lot more options and formats. There are total 16 different options for the planner.

I hope you enjoy my planner and let me know your feedback!



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